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In my past life…

Prior to UX/UI design, I had worked as a arts journalist, assistant producer, communications specialist, media planner, growth hacker and content marketer.

Such diverse experiences have made me a dynamic individual recognized for being communicative, resourceful and strategic.

I choose to pursue product design when I realized the kind of problems I wanted to solve were UX problems. It became clear to me that design delivers more direct impact and create more value for businesses.

Lover of arts and design

I grew up in an artistic family and loved to draw as a kid. My love for the arts eventually led me to take up history of art courses at Yale and enrolled in School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

I had written for numerous award-winning publications and assisted in Emmy-award-winning art documentary. In my spare time, I learn to paint for fun and pleasure. 

See the world with my laptop

I became location independent (aka digital nomad) 3 years ago and have worked remotely in 17 cities so far. 

I met many inspiring people along the way, and am constantly in awe with what the world has to offer.  Staying in one city a few months at a time allows me to get to know places deeper.

Connect with me

I’m always interested in connecting with like-minded souls. You can chat with me about UX, FinTech, Art, digital nomadism or just say hi. Drop me a line at lucia.ziyuan(at) Connect with me on social by clicking on the social icons at the bottom of this page.

Want to see my resume?

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